Computational Drug Discovery Platform.

Empowering faster computational drug discovery with our unified molecular database and workflow integration, reducing unpredictability and driving breakthroughs from silico to lab.

AI-Scale Molecule Database with UI & API

Our product is based on a comprehensive software platform for scalable storage and organization of all your data that the whole team can access.

Stop Worrying about infrastructure

Examol's platform can be deployed in minutes either on the Cloud or on-prem.

Molecular database for the AI-age

Populate our molecule database at scale and enable running large machine learning models.

Augment data with your computations

Run KPI computations in-place and augment your designs with all the properties you need to see.

Scientific Application Marketplace

The future of PharmaTech requires powerful and innovative computational methods for teams of all sizes. Our marketplace provides a selection of the best physics & AI-based solutions, all wrapped up in ergonomic, easy to use software.

Academic software made easy

We bring the latest in academic research methodology, a click away from your data. No need for extra engineering work.

Try new methods without friction

All apps in our marketplace are ready to use and can take your data as-is. No more need to translate file formats or normalize your data.

Scale up your throughput

Our marketplace provides scalable applications that can run virtually anywhere. Take advantage of high-performance hardware in the cloud as well as the resources you already have.