Your Cloud-Native Virtual Screening

Computational Chemistry Toolbox.

Move Your Small Molecule Calculations into the Cloud: Gain Repeatability, Optimized Workflows and Cost Savings

Platform Features

Centralized AI-Scale Molecule Database with UI & API

We fit within your infrastructure (whether that's AWS, GCP or on-prem) and help you actively build your computational discovery pipelines. Our product is based on a comprehensive software platform for scalable storage and organization of all your design data that the whole team can access.

Stop Worrying about Infrastructure

Examol platform can be deployed in minutes either on the Cloud or on-prem. Upload all your designs (whether it be tens, hundreds or exascale) through a UI or API.

Molecular Database for the AI-age

Populate our molecule database at scale and enable running large machine learning models. Organize your designs by cycle, computed properties, lab results, or whichever way you like.

An Example Use Case

Run an open-source docking workflow in parallel, in the Cloud, without having to install scripts and figuring out how to run them.

Platform Add-Ons

Open-Source Computational Chemistry Methods

The future of PharmaTech requires fast and easy access to powerful and innovative computational methods for teams of all sizes. Making them run in your infrastructure often wastes valueable hours or days of work. Our platform provides add-ons like JupyterHub to access the best computational chemistry, physics & AI-based solutions, together with a workflow-building engine and a scaling manager for compute.

Accessing Academic Software Made Easy

We bring the latest in academic research methodology in user-friendly notebooks, a click away from your data. No need for extra engineering work. No need to figure out set-up scripts or compile instructions.

Scale Up your Throughput

Our add-ons provide scalable applications that can run virtually anywhere. Take advantage of high-performance hardware in the cloud as well as the resources you already have. No need to be a Cloud-engineer.