We power the computational drug-discovery process of the future

Examol is an early stage startup (pre-product) that brings together expertise in biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and AI.

As scientists we recognize the potential for physics and AI in advancing the state of the art. However, through our experience as engineers in PharmaTech we also intimately understand the technical challenges and (unnecessary) limitations still abound.

Through Examol we want to give drug discovery teams the ability to leverage the most innovative methods in ways that can boost their competitive advantage, and ultimately develop the best possible therapeutics.

Our Values

Meet the team

Sam Lotz

Sam Lotz


  • Ph.D. Biologist/Biochemist turned programmer.
  • 2 years in PharmaTech companies (Silicon Tx, Roivant Discovery).
  • Software engineering for 9 years.
  • Main author of the wepy software package for Weighted Ensemble simulations.
  • Scientific contributions to next-gen drug-design: Google Scholar.
Dennis Nenno

Dennis Nenno


  • Ph.D. in Computational Condensed-Matter Physics.
  • Working experience in managing software projects in the chemical industry.
  • Scientific contributions to material physics: Google Scholar.
J. Emiliano Deustua

J. Emiliano Deustua


  • Linux expert turned Quantum Chemist (Ph.D.)
  • 1.5 yrs working on PharmaTech products (Entos collaboration).
  • Active in hacking & coding space for 20 years.
  • Scientific contributions in quantum chemistry AI: Google Scholar