Scientific Application Plug-Ins

Our core product accelerates your computational pipeline by amplifying your teams' capabilities and empowering every individual. No more time wasted wrangling data or figuring out how to run methods in the Cloud.

Academic software made easy

We bring the latest in academic research methodology a click a way from your data without the need for extra engineering work.

Try new methods without friction

All apps interfacing with our platform are ready to use and can take your data as-is. No more need to translate file formats or condition your data.

Scale up your throughput

Our plug-ins provide scalable applications that can run virtually anywhere. Take advantage of high-performace hardware in the cloud as well as the resources you already have.

Example Applications

We will host a variety of applications to support your scientific discovery across the entire gamut of drug discovery phases. All plug-ins can be easily integrated into your workflow, allowing you to focus on the science.

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Crystal Structure Prediction

Which methods are you missing?

We're always looking to expand our offerings. What other apps would you like to see on our platform? Please register your email below and we'll reach out.