Our Drug-Discovery Platform

Our core product is meant to greatly accelerate your existing pipeline by amplifying your teams' capabilities - by empowering every individual.

For Workgroups

Streamlined Team Communication

Eliminate the need for endless emails and manual spreadsheets. Share links to your molecules for easy handovers.

Simplified IT Infrastructure

Deployment is a breeze with Examol, which can be set up in minutes on the Cloud or on-premises, reducing the burden on your IT team.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Track results and key performance indicators (KPIs) effortlessly for confident decision-making and goal achievement.

For Computational Chemists

Effortless Data Analysis

Leverage our API and Python developer toolkit to interpret and communicate complex data sets with ease.

Actionable KPIs

Execute computations directly in our platform or embedded into your scripts to enhance your data with relevant KPIs.

Access to Cutting-Edge Methodologies

Expand your capabilities with advanced physics & AI methodologies typically beyond budget or engineering scope.

For Drug Designers

Discover Molecules at Scale

Perform interactive searches on the same data your AI models see, without ever worrying about setting up infrastructure.

Design-Focused Innovation

Minimize time spent on logistics and maximize innovative design with our user-friendly interface.

Collaboration Made Easy

Share and receive feedback on your designs in real time, creating a collaborative environment for better results.